De Morbis Puerorum (1653)

Of Lice breeding in Children
If persons of years live nastily and do not change often, they soon become lousey. But tis very familiar for Children to breed Lice.

The cause.
They arise from a hot and moist matter which putrifieth in the skin, or pores of the body. Sometimes they are bred by eating of Figs, in grown persons because the ingender bad juyce.

The signs.
The signs are apparent, for the lice are bred both on head and body.

The Prognosticks.
This disease is a foul and filthy disease, and very troublesome, because it causeth a constant scratching, but especially if they breed in the whole body as many times it happeneth. Lice are wont to leave those that are ready to die, and to creep away in heaps, which surely cometh to passe because, that host moist nourishment (which bred them) is wanting, and noysome vapours arise from the party ready to die. If lice be onely in the head, in many it preserves their health, because they consume much excrementitious humours. Lice are engendred in the beginning of the Leprosie, and in the second and third kinds of hectick Feavers. If they breed much and that all over the body, they are not onely very irksome, but sometimes bring death.

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