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This website runs on WordPress, and this means every page you see is uniquely compiled out of a database for you. There are no fixed or permanent pages. Which has its advantages; my previous CMS Greymatter needed to rebuild the index page after each new entry I entered. That took a lot of time, and created a lot of unwanted errors in the end.

But, this week WordPress wouldn’t let my publish any new entries. So, even a completely database orientated CMS comes with its problems.

Strange thing is, I never had so much visitors as these past few days. Three to four times the normal amount of people [and robots] came to see that there was nothing new to see.

This goes to show that just when you think you understand what is going on, you probably still don’t have a clue at all.

[x]#734 fan zaterdag 21 augustus 2004 @ 23:41:03

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