Om haar te beschermen

Frans de Waal, die van de apies, heeft natuurlijk ook een evolutionaire verklaring voor de burqah en de kuisheidsgordel.

De Waal: […] The development of family entities has another, more important consequence. It enables men to cooperate far more effectively. Instead of constantly competing for the women with other men, each man essentially has a partner assigned to him, one with whom he can establish a family.

SPIEGEL: He forces her to stay at home, while he goes out into the world with his buddies to build bridges and land on the moon?

De Waal: Something like that. But there is still one problem. In this type of system, it becomes extremely important for a man that his wife not have sex with anyone else, which would mean that he ends up having to raise someone else’s offspring.

[x]#1999 fan zaterdag 26 augustus 2006 @ 23:59:15