John Updike [1932 – 2009] iv

Van of met de man zelf:

In memoriams:

  • Korte gedenkschriften in de New Yorker, van onder meer Richard Ford, Paul Theroux, e.v.a.;
  • Jan Donkers, die boeken van hem vertaalde;
  • Davin L. Ulin, in de LA Times:

    Had he written some books that hadn’t worked? Certainly. What writer of his longevity hadn’t, on occasion, missed the mark? But better that, he suggested, than to hole up, a la Saul Bellow, and only deliver a piece of writing every five years. Think of the anxiety to deliver, the pressure to produce a masterwork. It was far more useful, he had decided, to be front and center in the culture, to be a working writer, to do the best he could and then move on.

  • John Irving;
  • Ian McEwan ;


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