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Rumpus: Is there a book that most embodies your dad for you?

[Nanette] Vonnegut: All of his work makes me hyperventilate, but Slaughterhouse-Five more than any others.

Rumpus: Why?

Vonnegut: Because it’s so good. Because of the pace of it, because of the poetry of it, because of the message, because of the humor. It’s hard, too, though. There’s family in it. It’s not all pretty. You see his sentiments about children. The way he talks about Billy Pilgrim, whose son was going to be a Marine, and how hugging him was no different than hugging a dog. Now, that’s a little bit hard to take, because I take it personally. I sometimes think he wasn’t crazy about his kids. But of course he was. He did the best he could considering what he was dealing with. I think he distanced himself from family and love sometimes because it was too painful. I see that in his writing. He’s making a joke here because he can’t handle real intimacy. […]

‘The Rumpus Interview with Nanette Vonnegut’

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