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The book is, thus, valuable as a compact and compelling expression of an opinion widely shared by eminent scientists these days. It is also valuable, as I will show, as a veritable museum of mistakes, none of them new and all of them seductive—alluring enough to lull the critical faculties of this host of brilliant thinkers who do not make a profession of thinking about free will. And, to be sure, these mistakes have also been made, sometimes for centuries, by philosophers themselves. But I think we have made some progress in philosophy of late, and Harris and others need to do their homework if they want to engage with the best thought on the topic.

Daniel C. Dennett, ‘Reflections on FREE WILL’

Dennett vol op het orgel in een bespreking van een boek van Sam Harris. Over dat meest uitgekauwde aller uitgekauwde filosofische onderwerpen; de vraag of er een vrije wil bestaat.

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