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That’s how you will govern. Properly, effectively. Why, if the economy goes bad, or promised laws aren’t passed, or a war breaks out, why spend time and money and precious energy dealing with those things? Isn’t it more efficient to persuade people that they aren’t happening? Think what money that would save, putting dollars back in the pocket of every American. You will do a deal with the American people, a great big beautiful deal, the ultimate deal, and they will absolutely love it. What you’ve done is started a revolution, a movement. You’ve taught people to believe not what is empirically true but what is emotionally true, which is a better truth. You’ve set free the credulity of the people.

Armando Ianucci, in: ‘An open letter to the new president’

[x]#12937 fan zaterdag 21 januari 2017 @ 19:20:56