Quote of the Day | 0611

American thought doesn’t seem interested whatsoever in studying, for example, why even a nation like Spain has five years’ higher life expectancy than America now, why American democracy was so fragile, why American living standards are the lowest in the rich world, why it costs half of median income just to give birth, why Americans are so uniquely cruel now, and what it costs them. All these are problems worth studying. But American thought will not even concede that these things even exist as problems–instead, it tells people to have “grit” and “resilience” and “productivity” and “jobs”, assuming away the idea of great social, economic, cultural, and psychological problems in the first place.

Umair Haque, ‘How American Thought Stopped Mattering’

[x]#14190 fan maandag 11 juni 2018 @ 23:24:13

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