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the external costs of all transport have now been estimated at €1,000 billion annually, or 7% of the GDP of the 28 EU nations. This is far higher than previous calculations.

The figure covers costs caused by crashes, air and noise pollution, habitat damage, and traffic congestion. Congestion alone has a total cost of more than €250 billion.

(The costs in the new study do not include money spent on infrastructure, such as roads.)

Air travel gets a bad rap but, said Bulc, “road transport is responsible for more than three quarters of transport external costs.”

According to the study, motorists pay for a larger share of their total costs than rail users, but rail users pay for a bigger share of their external costs. The costs paid by users of air transport mostly cover the infrastructure costs, but only a small fraction of the environmental costs.

Motorists Should Pay Full Costs Of Road Pollution, Deaths And Damage, Says EU Transport Commissioner

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