The truth about psychiatry and emotional illnesses

Though the Aim of our psychiatrists would be to heal mental disorders, sadly they are not able to continue their hard mission without understanding the material of the human mind. Due to Carl Jung’s discoveries concerning the significance of dreams and their healing ability, and thanks to my own discoveries following continued his study, now we understand that the largest aspect of the human mind belongs to our crude conscience, the anti-conscience, that is completely absurd. This means that the Psychiatry of our historic time is not able to manage this kind of absurdity. Our psychiatrists want the advice of their subconscious mind which produces our fantasies. The absurdity of this anti-conscience cannot be removed with blind efforts to control the behavior of a mentally ill person. Chemical alterations cannot bring equilibrium once we dismiss what arouses strange behavior.

Though the Scientific community did not take my discoveries with relief and joy, the scientific system of dream interpretation represents the conclusion of human suffering since it provides us a legitimate vision of the material of the human mind. I had no intention to Become a psychologist and psychologist. I accepted this assignment because I had the moral responsibility to be a physician after finding the ability of this obedience to the subconscious advice. Carl Jung was scared to obey the subconscious head, but that I could perceive the unconscious sanctity and look for the best psychiatrist. And so, I watched the energy of the complete obedience of their human being into the subconscious wisdom. I had been a literature writer and a philosopher. I needed to become a scientist to be able to continue the study of their psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung.

I enjoyed the scientific world. I believed that I must become a scientist since mathematics implies real understanding, which relies on truth. I analyzed many different scientific issues that belonged to various fields and that I associated many scientific discoveries, which demonstrated that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation actually translates the significance of the fantasy language. His strategy helps us comprehend that the intelligent unconscious messages in all fantasy pictures. The scientific Discoveries I discovered after building a study also demonstrated that human beings are irrational and violent primates, besides demonstrating that we indispensably require a creator. The era of our planet cannot warrant the casual formation of this complex and perfectly coordinated nature of the planet. God’s presence is a fact. All fantasies contain Important messages that attempt to secure our individual conscience from the strikes of our anti-conscience, which will be always trying to destroy the human facet of our conscience and control our behavior.